The Magellan Project

A unique feature of W&J College, the Magellan Project is a project of possibilities. When you pursue a Magellan Project, you choose to take the lead in your educational experience. W&J College provides funding so that you can set sail in the summer months, exploring a passion, an interest, an internship, a study abroad opportunity, a research trip, or all of the above. You're out of the classroom, learning the ropes of whatever you've set your sights on. It could be right around the corner or right around the world.

What is a Magellan Project?

A Magellan Project begins with your idea to create an opportunity to pursue your passions in an original way. Faculty advisors provide the coaching and support you need to take your project from idea to reality. For your project, you write your proposal, detail the plan, and set the budget. Once approved and funded, your adventure begins. On this journey, you'll discover more than you might have imagined.

Marcy Salvidar poses in Portugal where she went to study attitudes around disability for her Magellan Project.

Hear Their Stories

The best way to see the diversity and potential of the Magellan Project is to see what others have done and be inspired to discover what you can do.

As the national conversation shifts to include decreasing stigma about seeking mental health treatment, Ben Heim ’21 wanted to understand the problem globally and learn to fight against it.

Ben Heim '21

“The Magellan Project is a fantastic opportunity for students at W&J, and I am incredibly grateful for the funding and help I have received from the Magellan Committee,” Seabury said. “Learning how to go out of my comfort zone and develop adaptability and self-reliance, as well as learning more about how nature influences mental health, will really help prepare me for my future career.”

Jeffrey Seabury, Jr. '22

“I think [the Magellan Project] is a wonderful opportunity,” said the Sigma Tau Delta and Pi Gamma Mu honor society member. “I put my heart and soul into my proposal, tweaking every minute detail to make it perfect, and to know that the Magellan Committee believed in me to attain my goals, meant validating, not only my efforts, but my personal and intellectual goals as well.”

Jillian Curtis '23